Witty 2.1.0

A handy, fast desktop Twitter client


  • Nice appearance, customizable with skins
  • Tabbed interface for different types of messages
  • Displays desktop notifications


  • The System Tray icon is not really that useful
  • The "update" button is hard to find


I must admit I've become quite addicted to Twitter, so I'm constantly testing new apps for the service to see which one suits my needs.

Witty is one of those apps. This easy desktop client lets you follow all the updates from your Twitter contacts and send your own from a nicely-designed interface, which can be customized with skins. Updates are listed in a handy list with different color structures that make them easier to read. The program also has tabs to distinguish between replies, direct messages, your updates and the general Twitter timeline.

You can have Witty minimized to the System Tray and receive optional notifications on your desktop every time it updates the Twitter list. You can set the updating interval between one and thirty minutes. You can also use most of the program's functions with keyboard shortcuts, though there's no possibility to customize them.

I like Witty's appearance, but I think it misses some features. Besides not being able to customize shortcuts, the System Tray icon doesn't feature any functions either – except showing the interface or closing the program. It would be great to have the abilty to refresh the Twitter timeline or send a message from this icon's context menu. It also took me a few minutes to find the way to send messages: you have to click on "Update", at the bottom of the main window.

Despite some minor flaws, Witty is a visually-appealing desktop client for Twitter that makes twittering easier and even more addictive.



Witty 2.1.0

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